Aklan, a province nestled in the heart of the Philippines, is known for its breathtaking beaches and crystal-clear waters. But there’s more to Aklan than just its coastal beauty. Every January, the province comes alive with the rhythmic beats of drums and the vibrant colors of costumes during the Ati-Atihan Festival, a celebration of culture, faith, and community. If you’re planning to experience this lively event, we invite you to stay at our hotel, where comfort and convenience meet Aklan’s rich traditions.

The Ati-Atihan Festival: Aklan’s Cultural Gem

The Ati-Atihan Festival is one of the Philippines’ most famous and oldest festivals, tracing its roots back to the 13th century. Celebrated every third Sunday of January in Kalibo, the provincial capital of Aklan, this festival is a harmonious blend of indigenous traditions and Catholicism.


The highlight of the Ati-Atihan Festival is the Opening Salvo, a vibrant and energetic parade featuring locals and tourists donning colorful face paint and tribal-inspired costumes. The rhythm of the drums and chants fills the air, and the streets come alive with dancing and merriment. It’s a visual and auditory feast that’s not to be missed!

Why Stay at Marzon Hotel?

While you immerse yourself in the cultural extravaganza of the Ati-Atihan Festival, you’ll need a comfortable and convenient place to rest and rejuvenate. That’s where our hotel comes in.

  • Prime Location: Our hotel is strategically located in Kalibo, making it the perfect base for your Ati-Atihan adventure. You’ll be within walking distance of the festival’s main events, allowing you to fully participate without worrying about long commutes.

  • Comfortable Accommodations: After a day of revelry, you deserve a good night’s sleep. Our hotel offers cozy and well-appointed rooms that provide the comfort and relaxation you need to recharge for the next day’s festivities.

  • Dining Excellence: Our on-site restaurant serves delectable local and international cuisine. Savor mouthwatering dishes that showcase the flavors of Aklan, and enjoy refreshing drinks at our bar to toast to your memorable experience.

  • Friendly Service: Our staff is known for their warm hospitality and dedication to making your stay enjoyable. From local recommendations to assistance with festival arrangements, we’re here to ensure your stay is hassle-free.

  • Amenities: Take advantage of our amenities, including free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, and a relaxing pool area. Whether you want to stay connected or unwind after a day of festivities, we’ve got you covered.

Book Your Ati-Atihan Experience Today!

The Ati-Atihan Festival’s Opening Salvo is a unique cultural experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Aklan. To make the most of this unforgettable event, we invite you to book your stay at our hotel. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a family looking for adventure, our accommodations and services cater to all.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness Aklan’s vibrant culture up close. Book your stay with us and let the Ati-Atihan Festival become a cherished memory that you’ll carry with you forever. We can’t wait to welcome you to Aklan and make your stay truly memorable!